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Xanax is a trading name of the active ingredient Alprazolam. This product has an anti-anxiety effect and helps to easily overcome stress and reduce episodes of the anxiety.

Xanax is derived from benzodiazepine. It has a middle length of the action but the effect begins in an hour. The drug reduces anxiety, concern, fear, and tension. An antidepressive activity of the drug is recorded. It has a central myorelaxing and moderate soporific activity.

There is data of the medical studies that tell about the ability of Xanax to improve the work of the brain during stress. An attentiveness and information learning are significantly improved.

A sedative effect of Xanax is not intensive. You will not be sleepy after the end of the action of the pill (in 6-8 hours). But if you go to bed, you will fall asleep easily. Xanax also improves the quality of sleep, makes it deeper, and a patient does not wake up at night.

The use of Xanax will be useful in the following disorders:

  • anxiety
  • neuroses
  • mixed anxiety-depressive states
  • panic disorder
  • insomnia on a background of anxiety or nervous disorder
  • severe emotional tension
  • prolonged stress
In what dose is Xanax used?

A dose of Xanax as well as a scheme of the treatment depends on an individual sensitivity to Alprazolam and a type of the emotional disorder. If you want to calm down before important interview or during stressful situation, it is enough to take a pill of Xanax 0,5 mg. You will feel relieved in 1-2 hours.

If you are tired after work and want to relax, you may also take a pill of Xanax 0,5 mg. If psychological pathologies are chronic and have many symptoms, start a complex therapeutic course:

  • ifpanicdisorders, Xanax 0,5 mgisused 3 timesperday. If severe forms, a dose of Xanax may be increased up to 10 mg per day
  • if anxious disorders, Xanax is used in the dose of 0,5-1 mg 3 times per day
  • if sleep disorders, Xanax may be used in the dose of 0,5-1 mg 30 minutes before sleeping

The treatment may last for several days (duringfear) to 3 months. Do not take pills more than 3 months.If you need to continue treatment, ask the doctor to change medication. Taking Xanax more 3 month, can cause development of tolerance and diminution therapeutic effect

  • the increase of the dose and a cessation of Xanax should be gradual. A sudden cessation often causes acute conditions of the psychological disorders
  • if angle-closure glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, coma, the use of Xanax is contraindicated
  • donottake Xanax duringpregnancyandlactation. If you became pregnant during the treatment, stop taking the drug
  • if you are taking Xanax, do not use other sedative ingredients and alcohol.
Side effects

Patients taking Xanax should be ready that they may have light or moderate side effects: drowsiness, dizziness, depressed mood, decreased blood pressure, decreased appetite, constipation.

Take due care during the treatment and reduce a daily dose during the first signs of the severe side effects.

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